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In Shammi’s words

Like most of us, I have experienced conflicts in painful ways. In moments of disconnection I would get into defense or attack and things would get worse. I would then leave or make others leave the community. In my family itself we are going through a conflict which is in the court now. It pains me to see near and dear ones behaving like enemies and I realise that we end up in this situation not because we are bad but we do not have enough systems of listening and working with conflict in our society. The incident in my family and other spaces made me look for caring ways of dealing with conflict and I came across three powerful gifts that exist in the world. They are – NVC, Self Management Systems and Restorative Circles. Experiencing them gave me hope that we can create a world where we can manifest the care in our actions and words even in difficult and disconnecting times. I feel hopeful that we can create a world where each person’s voice matters and they are valued and are able to contribute meaningfully in co-creating our world together.

Having experienced this beauty I can see that so much of the suffering that comes from conflicts is avoidable and we can lead nourishing lives where we move towards more and more peaceful and harmonious world.

I began sharing these modalities for last few years as I travelled across the country, met so many people who are keen to receive these gifts and transform the world. I realised the need for a space which is a living example of these practices, where we can ourselves explore and live this life and support others to learn it by joining us in the space. Thus, I decided to create the space AhimsaGram to manifest the dream I have shared above.”

We began our journey by using Sociocracy as our governance system, as we wanted to create a world where each person has a voice. Soon we ended up in a consensus based system where we could not integrate having a voice with effective delivery for the purpose and even sustenance of the organisation.

On this journey we came across ways of self organising or sharing authority which allows individual creativity to flourish while they work towards meeting the shared purpose of the organisation while being inter dependant. . It's called Holacracy, which has come from the works of Brian Robertson and Holacracy One. Even though it has some of its roots in Sociocracy it is a significant leap from it as it resolves the tension of holding a purpose of the organisation and also be collaborative and the members having ownership of their roles and are able to express their creative potential. To know more about Holacracy and learn from Holacracy One, see www.holacracy.org.  You can also see a ted talk by Brian, which gives you the overall picture and the issues Holacracy can resolve, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJxfJGo-vkI&t=23s