Welcome to AhimsaGram

A community space in Jaipur dreaming of a world of individual empowerment with collective abundance, while also living, learning and sharing  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and organising its life with sustainable practices.  We are working with Holacracy as a Governance method and as we hold NVC dear to us, we try our best to look for solutions where everyone’s needs matter and have a space to be heard. 

At AhimsaGram, we work on the spirit of co-creation while integrating the dynamic complexity of the present moment to meet our purpose by using Holacracy as our governance method. It allows us to organise the team in structures where there is transparency, equivalence and effectiveness in the working of the organisation. It encourages self responsibility and leadership of the individual while respecting the domains of the other team members. The team has been divided into semi-self-organized roles or circles which work interdependently and synergistically to perform all the different functions of the organisation. There is distributed power and each role has clear accountabilities which are modified in response to arising of tensions in the day to day functioning of the organisation in the governance meetings. The role of the leader is to assign roles  to meet the purpose of the organisation and to strategise to meet the purpose of the organisation. 

 AhimsaGram is a living laboratory for living all these processes. where community members are contributing in the spirit of gift and we all offer mutual care and nourishment to each other in the same spirit. The contributors at AhimsaGram are doing without any expectations of financial returns. 

AhimsaGram is primarily working in the following three areas:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg in 1960s. It is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behaviour that harms others when they are not able to find ways to meet their needs. It’s a way of communication which shows us how to express honestly while holding care for others. NVC empowers you to connect deeply with others and to form more compassionate relationships.

Integral Governance with Holacracy

At AhimsaGram, we began with using Sociocracy is a system of governance and realised that we were constantly seeking consent in almost every decision and that too while doing operations.  This was very tiring for us to be hearing objections and then we came across Holacracy which showed us a clear movement strategy with distributed authority which allowed us to work together with self responsibility. Now we have now moved to Holacracy and are reviewing its impact. We believe in the spirit of experimentation and are putting our own self at stake in this experiment.  We are living together as a community sharing a house, kitchen, even living spaces, garden, host seekers and learners apart from  and offering trainings around the world. People have joined us in this journey and moved out when being in this experiment did not go with their personal vision. Its an evolving organisation which is doing a unique experiment in India. The place is built with the efforts of all those who have been with us since its inception.

As a living laboratory we go through challenges and celebrations as we want to see if human beings can create and run effective systems to work together for a shared purpose with self responsibility. Now we are more and more convinced with the tools offered and are looking forward to see what emerges from it.  

Restorative Circles

Restorative Circles is a conflict transformation process where the community sits together to deal with conflicts in ways which look at the restoration of what is broken. It also makes sure that everyone is equally empowered to call circles when they are in conflict or whenever they are seeing a painful conflict around them.

AhimsaGram is also a  restorative system. We look at conflict in a systemic way and have a systemic process to deal with it. Here, each one is empowered to call a circle,  to sit with the community and engage with any difficult happening in the community to look deeply and work on it in a meaningful and restorative way.