AhimsaGram has been initiated by Shammi Nanda and more people are either joining us or showing keen interest in joining us every day.

AhimsaGram will support and be supported by people in the immediate neighbourhood as well as people from all over the world. It will collaborate and support people in other areas, cities and countries towards their goals using the skill sets developed/supported by this space.

Those who want to deepen their learning of the areas (NVC, Holacracy, etc.) that we are working on as well as contribute to a shared vision, can contact us and find mutually agreeable time and the nature of their engagements with us so they can even be part of this space.

It will offer total immersion in the modalities of NVC, Restorative Circles and Holacracy. 

Inhabited by a few full-time residents, local co-creators, volunteers and interns from Jaipur and other places, a support and guiding group of people who care and want to support this space from other cities in India and other countries. These outer holding circles will be of those who share the vision with me and the resident community and/or also may wish to even collaborate with this space actively.

It is run with the ideas of distributed authority and eco-system inspired self organising way, holacracy. 

We will support in creating a network of NVC practitioners and learners who want such practices to be accessible to people in this region, irrespective of their financial resources.

This is a collaborative space. People who wish to contribute through workshops, activities and knowledge-based sharing are welcome to use our resources to do so, while having a sense of shared purpose with the vision and aims of Ahimsagram.

We also intend to have a Restorative System at our space so anyone can call a circle when there is a conflict or tension in the community.

AhimsaGram has been made possible with the support of many friends:

The scooter that we have is a gift from Avinash as are the cooking gas, utensils, tables & chairs.
Other friends and dear ones are contributing the gift of their labour. Bhushan is from Maharashtra to support us and to learn NVC and Sociocracy.
Trudy and Sion, natural farmers from Sri Lanka, were here to host the workshop on Analog Forestry and they kickstarted the space.
John Buck will be here to share Sociocracy in October this year. Some NVC trainers from afar are also planning to come to Jaipur and share their offerings here.
We already have Aditya, Piyush, Devyani and others wanting to create an NVC practice group and build a community to support the learning here. The list of contributors have forever grown and we are in gratitude how the larger community has supported us.