AhimsaGram has a group of people who live, work and have fun together there as a community. This is our “host” community. If somebody visits AhimsaGram then they are hosted by these people. The hosts consist of AhimsaGram’s core team who are involved in making the space come alive by participating in all that happens at AhimsaGram. They are involved in planning and organizing workshops on NVC and Sociocracy, in training people on Restorative Circles and in supporting the community at large through offering AhimsaGram as a Restorative Circle service for conflict resolution, in housekeeping of AhimsaGram, terrace gardening, fund-raising, etc. Since the place is being run based on sociocratic principles and practices, the hosts divide their work domains into different operation circles and play their roles as Operation Leaders, Circle Admins, Representatives, etc. This group of people primarily defines the vision, mission and aims of AhimsaGram and are responsible for the overall functioning and upkeep of the place.

Here is a brief introduction of the hosts: