When it comes to cities and gardens, we usually get to see people growing only ornamental plants which add to the beauty and aesthetic sense of a place. At AhimsaGram, we are really concerned about the fact that most of the food that we eat today is highly contaminated and adulterated with a variety of dangerous chemicals such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, artificial colours and what not! These chemicals lead to all kinds of dangerous diseases and wreak havoc on human and animal health.

In order to make our food safe and healthy to eat and also to inspire others to start doing the same, we are in the process of creating our own kitchen garden, growing our own organic and healthy food. Our kitchen garden is housed on the terrace of our building! We have used old plastic containers as planters and big plastic tanks have been cut into two halves to make big vegetable beds. All the organic waste (vegetable & fruits peels, food leftovers, etc.) that comes out of our kitchen goes into our compost heaps which in turn is creating very potent fertilizer for our kitchen garden.

We would like more and more people to to start a kitchen garden. If you are interested in raising your own kitchen garden, please get in touch with us.