We believe in the spirit of community and trust that if we create something meaningful for the larger community they will also take care of our needs. In the same spirit, we offer some of our work as a gift and are supported by a circle of friends and community. We experiment in gift culture and empowered fundraising wherein we encourage the participants of our events to find ways to support us through financial and/or non-monetary contributions. We create our offerings in ways so that they are accessible to all, irrespective of their financial resources.

We also want to host people and events and have taken a space on rent for that purpose. Apart from this, we want our team members also to have ease and be nurtured in the process as they nurture the larger community.

There is also a range of things that we require to enable AhimsaGram to more fully serve the community, to host events, people who visit us and care, a list of which is on the following link:

There are many ways in which you can collaborate or contribute with us:

  • Contribute by moving here permanently
  • Visit us for any amount of time
  • Contribute ideas towards the goals of sociocracy
  • Contribute through shramdaan (manual work)
  • Offer your management and administrative skills
  • You can gift things to us such as electronic items, furniture, books, etc. , like our various friends do

Other ways of contribution:

  1. Hosting people (couch surfing)
  2. Sharing a space within your city where we can host workshops every now and then