Holacracy is a whole systems approach to governing organisations in very similar to the ways the natural eco-systems work. It’s a system which allows for autonomy and interdependence amongst the team members. Just as in a body lungs to their own work of bringing in oxygen and taking out carbon dioxide, and the heart pumps the blood and each cell has a function and yet the cells and organs pass feedback to each other when they need anything. Same way in a holacratic organisation, each individual responds to the tensions they experience while doing their roles and passes requests and feedback to the rest of the roles. Besides, each person has a pathway to process their tensions they experience while doing their roles.

Ahimsagram is governed with holacracy where all our team members have many roles which are defined by their purpose, domain and accountabilities and we work towards meeting the purpose of our organisaiton.

To know more about Holacracy see www.holacracy.org