- To support creation of self managed organisations leading towards individual empowerment and collective abundance.

- To live, learn and share ways to communicate, that embody openness, honesty and clarity along with care and empathy, to move towards valuing and meeting everyone's needs.
- To live and share ecological and regenerative practices at personal as well as community level, while building robust and inclusive financial models that take care of needs of all the stake holders of the project.

-To cohost and build collaborative projects which bring in energy of different eco-systems while developing systems and processes for collective c0-creation at an ever growing scale.

We are also using Holacracy as our governance process and working with a system of distributed authority for our governance. See www.holacracy.org to know more about it. We are registered as a proprietorship firm by Shammi Nanda and its office is based in Jaipur, India.