- To support creation of self managed organisations leading towards individual empowerment and collective abundance.

- To live, learn and share ways to communicate, that embody openness, honesty and clarity along with care and empathy, to move towards valuing and meeting everyone's needs.
- To live in oneness with the universe by moving towards sustainable life practices in our day to day life.


-We support businesses, organisations, communities and social change initiatives to build self organising systems for working together effectively with distributed authority and interdependence to meet a shared purpose. We mobilise support for Holacracy implementation projects for various organisations.
-Live, Learn and Share Nonviolent Communication(NVC) and Restorative Circles(www.restorativecircles.org).
We are also using Holacracy as our governance process and working with a system of distributed authority for our governance. See www.holacracy.org to know more about it. We are registered as a proprietorship firm by Shammi Nanda and its office is based in Jaipur, India.