You are invited to Urban Farming Experience on 3rd Feb 2019, facilitated by Shammi Nanda at Jaipur.

Let Every House be a like a Tree and Our City a Forest...

Can we grow our food organically in our homes, try recycle water from the kitchen, compost our wet waste and turn into manure, offer veggies to neighbors, build gift-culture & connection and much more that makes our planet a better place to live?

Here are some questions that Ahimsagram is joyfully exploring in Jaipur and is opening up its space for you to experience their journey. So you can see the possibilities of your power in making a change in your lives and of those around you. Their city garden is inspired by the principles of permaculture and the author of book 'One Straw Revolution', Masanobu Fukuoka.

Ahimsagram is organizing an organic kitchen gardening experience in their premise. The experience of four hours includes: observing, walking, talking and working in and around garden. The idea is to help you embark on understanding ways for growing your food at your place and decrease the dependency on chemically grown vegetables in the future.

Experience also includes an organic lunch with veggies harvested from the garden and offers you to be part of the cooking experience if you wish to observe how we churn low oil or oil-free dishes which are inspired by local as well as international food.

Come and Enjoy, a vegan & gluten free meal with us.

The session also creates an opportunity for you to connect with fellow farming enthusiasts in Jaipur and welcome peer support in the future.

We are open and love to share some saplings & plants for you to take home.

To know more about him see his blog at or his fb page.

Apart from giving an integrated ecosystem approach to organic farming, the program also answers some of these questions.

1.Why organic food?
2. How to grow food while being in alignment with nature and its ways?
3.Composting and Soil Building: How to use your kitchen waste to create nutrient-rich soil.
4. Preparing pots and planting beds on soils and up-cycling of Kabad (waste containers).
5. How to get seeds and cuttings?
6. What tools and types of equipment are needed?
7. How to connect to the organic gardening community of Jaipur and get peer to peer support?

This event is organised to support the community, hence  request  individual  contribution of Rs 500. In case any one has a challenge, please reach out as we want everyone who wishes to be with us for the experience to be welcomed.

For registration visit

For any queries, you can call Shammi at 9486083163.

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