11:00 am – 02:00 pm, 10 Feb 2019 @Cafe Jaipur Modern  

Ahimsagram and Jaipur Modern Kitchen invite you to a GrubShup and lunch curated by me (Shammi Nanda)  where I  will be talking about my  journey with food and how Nonviolent Communication(NVC) supported me  in transforming my food choices with with ease and awareness. This will be an interactive session where you will interact with me as well as other participants over the given topic.you to connect with fellow farming enthusiasts in Jaipur and welcome peer support in the future.

What’s the Big Deal about Food Transitions?

You could be wanting to explore a plant based diet, low fat, low sugar, vegan, or some other kind of diet plan. In these moments, it’s easy to get into a right wrong thinking and missing out that food meets many needs apart from giving us energy and that we are making choices based on the deeper needs that we want to meet. For example I love Dosas as it reminds me of my connection with my mother who used to take me to the Indian Coffee House at MI road, Puri Aloo reminds me of fun in the train journeys with the family as we used to take it in our journeys, or there is some sense of excitements when I think of Maggi as it reminds me of my time with my childhood friend Inderjeet with whom we used to make Maggi when we were around 17, and the crunchy white bread-omelette reminds me of my time in college days when we used to have it with tea and even cigarette. My food is now very different from what I had as I was growing up, but even now when I think of some foods, it gives me joy and excitement for many reasons, at the same time, now I also realise that there are many more unmet needs when I have white bread or maggi. Now the challenge is, how do I take care of my cravings and ease my struggle when I want to move to a diet that I see more valuable for me at the present moment as it takes me towards wellness.

Making Transitions with Ease:
Nonviolent Communication(NVC) helps us understand our actions by seeing the universal life serving needs behind them. If I want to change my diet I need to first understand the needs met and unmet by our habitual actions, and find ways to meet those  needs that I may miss out with a new diet, and also find other creative ways to meet those needs. Like, when I know I have longing for celebration and community, along with health and wellness,  I can plan a potluck with a community who is excited about the new diet. For example some of us had a vegan potluck in Jaipur which met various needs like community, health and care for all. Or I could just visit a friend at the tea shop and have my kind of food before I go there so I can enjoy the ambience and company at the tea shop for connection and not for the food as such. NVC has supported me to make seemingly difficult  decisions about any thing with ease, and I am glad to share my learnings to support those who are also wanting to make food transitions, so they can do them with more fun and ease, instead of guilt and shame.

The Flow!
The three hours at Cafe Jaipur Modern, I will lead the session with my food and wellness journey and how my engagement with Nonviolent Communication(NVC) helped with myself  with support of others in this  journey followed by interaction and questions from participants for the first half.
The second half will be the community lunch  offered By Cafe Jaipur Modern team with the outside seating under the warm winter sun.
The event is supported by Aru Bharitya, who enjoys expressing her creativity with food and Vinayak from Jaipur Rugs, who wants to integrate wellness and creativity in his food practices as a chef.

About the Curator: Shammi grew up in Jaipur and has travelled around the world to various alternate communities and projects. He came back and initiated a social enterprise, Ahimsagram (www.ahimsagram.in) which is working on creating a world of individual empowerment and collective abundance. They are working on Nonviolent Communication(NVC), Self Organised Governance and sustainable life practices. To know more about Shammi go to his blog at www.courageouscommunication.wordpress.com

Venue: The event will be held at Jaipur Modern Kitchen at https://goo.gl/maps/wGKitYM1UJH2

Menu: Rainbow Salad, Quinoa  Padthai, Vegan Bajra Pizzas with Cashew Paste, Coconut Laddos &Herbal Tea  of turmeric,ginger,basil,mint,cardamom,cinnamon,black pepper,all roasted and then boiled to get a great aroma and flavor with jaggery on the side. 

Financials: You are expected to offer payment in sliding scale between Rs 500 to 1500 per person. The money will cover the cost price of food as Jaipur Modern just needs the material cost, and the rest can go to support Ahimsagram in doing its work.

No charges from children below 6 years.

For registrations: Go to https://goo.gl/forms/2Iwi3Zwd3bdB8HI02 Registrations will help us make arrangements better and make the right kind of quantity, so there is hardly any wastage of food.

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