Let’s learn and explore Communication practice/skills with love and honesty
for Couples and Singles
looking for meaningful relationship.


See what Ray Taylor has to say about the workshop!! Click Here to watch the video

Welcome to the ‘Communication for Loving Relationship’ a five day program in Jaipur from 6th to 10th April, 2019 hosted by Ahimsagram.

This five day programs aims to learn and explore Communication practice/skills with love and honesty for couples and singles, looking for meaningful relationship. We will be applying the values of Nonviolent Communication, watching the process closely and practicing the skills during the workshop.

Why this Program

We all long for honest and loving relationships. Take Responsibility and Not the Blame, yourself or your partner. Unfold those pages by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for Couples and Singles.

Key Ingredients from the workshop:

  • Getting ease and fun in relationships
  • Deeping trust and honesty in relationships
  • Better intimacy for men and women
  • Less being hard to yourself  and more understanding yourself
  • Connecting with our bodies and emotions
  • Understanding others despite the disagreements
  • Solving problems with new light
  • Talking about difficult matters with ease and kindness
  • Communicating for understanding each other
  • Alternatives to “ talking about our relationship that can work better for men and women

Who is this workshop designed for?

Individual/s, Partners…..

  • Who are longing to improve relationship with their partner
  • Who needs to find space to understand self, mid of the relationship
  • Who like  to enhance their communication with their partner
  • Already have a rich relationship and want it to be even richer
  • Who want to be self and love their partner
  • Relationship consultants who want more tools to help in ease their processes and conversation.
  • Mediators who are working with couples mediating their relationship situation.

About Facilitators:

Ramanusha Poopalaratnam: A CNVC trainer from Sri Lanka, with lots of experience over conflict transformation and post-conflict healing work. She offers a special menu of empathy with many diverse flavors to suit the person and their context in their present moment.

Ray Taylor: A trainer from UK (www.BigEmpathy.com and www.NVCbeginners.com) who works on BodyNVC with other trainers, to have a more "real" NVC, which is beyond words and ideas.

Program Schedule:

Date: 6 - 10th April
Timing: 10am - 4pm, everyday

Flow of the program:

6th to 9th April
Covering topics around relationships and its challenges; sharing and practicing with tools of NVC and creating an environment full of experiential learning on these 4 days.

10th April
The day is reserved for the requests only:

  1. Request for one to one session
  2. Request for resolving personal complex challenges, mediating between partners for ease
  3. Requesting for repetition of the exercise for more ease and hands on experience
  4. Discussion around designing session and implementing ideas for Relationship Coach and Consultants.

Program Fee:

Nonresidential: INR 13000/- 10000/- Holi Offer valid till 28th March (Inclusive of Day meal and snacks).

Residential: INR 18000/- 15000/- Holi Offer valid till 28th March  All inclusive (Non AC rooms twin sharing).

Limited seat for residentials, So Hurry!!

Grab early bird discount offer before 28th March, 2019. Write to us at events@ahimsagram.in or call us on 9916021452.

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