Dear Friends,
Welcome to the ‘Ahimsagram Immersion Week’ in Jaipur from February 28th to 4th March, 2019 hosted by Ahimsagram, an opportunity to experience a Holacracy Governed Enterprise(, that lives by the principles of Nonviolent Communication(NVC) and manages a community living space as co-housing for the Ahimsagram team.

See how it feels to actively participate in a self organised purpose-led business, which wants to create a world of ‘individual empowerment with collective abundance’. Come and experience the deeper values behind creating this world and how we do it.


It will be meaningful experience for you to join this program, if you…

  • Are driven by a purpose in your life and want to achieve it by engaging/collaborating with others creatively in a business, organisation or community while sharing authority and tensions of running the organisation(when the word organisation or business is used in this invite, you can see it as applying to business, organisation or a community).
  • want to see ‘power’ as a creative force and create a world where this word does not trigger fear and pain but a way to meet your’s and the organisation’s creative potential to the fullest.
  • Are wanting an organisation to run like a self operated eco-system like our body or a natural forest, and capable of dealing with complexity that is thrown during the day to day work.
  • Enjoy being a pro-active team member desiring to express with creativity and like to self organise your own work in collaboration with others, rather than just receiving instructions or giving orders.
  • Like your business/organisation to be empowered to effectively handle complexity without a fearful, micromanaged, dictatorial and a centralized control and command system.
  • Would like to be immersed in a system like this and have a first hand experience of it, to see an effective and collaborative world that you imagined and haven’t yet seen yet.
    During the week, you will have access to Holacracy study materials and coaching support from Ahimsagram team to help you navigate your engagement with Ahimsagram’s governance and functioning in addition to orientation of Holacracy.

About Ahimsagram: 
We are registered as a proprietorship business, governed by Holacracy and we also live, learn and share Nonviolent Communication(NVC-To know more about it see with the local community and with people from all over the world. Here we work with the values and processes inspired by NVC where we try our best to acknowledge and find strategies that hold the needs of all and create strategies that then also serve the purpose of the organisation. When conflicts arise we also work with Restorative Conflict Transformation Systems like mediation and Restorative Circles( You will also experience how the world looks like when we integrate the principles of NVC in day to day functioning of a business governed by Holacracy.

How will the day look like?
We believe that learning happens when we are motivated to solve real tensions, so this program allows you to experience holacracy live and see the value it can bring to your businesses/ organisations.
You will immerse yourself in the day-to-day work of the Ahimsagram, learning its system through on-the-ground participation. You will attend meetings, as an observer initially and then as an active member to serve the purpose of business. You will devote 8-10 hours a day in active running of the organisation with us that includes 2-3 hours for reflection on our learnings with the group. Some of the reflections will happen as we take time outs from our working.

As an active team member you could be doing one or a few of these roles and accountabilities. You could be working in the kitchen garden, organise housekeeping, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, designing and promoting our events, making posters, videos, write blog posts, create social media posts from glimpses of our life, send emails, host events for the local community, participate in various meetings and be part of designing how the organisation functions for real or to do whatever is needed by our business at that time.

The immersion week is also aimed to be a space for unlearning where you can break out of your comfort zone. There could be tensions and conflicts. If they are not addressed by the governance system of Ahimsagram, we will also have mediators and a restorative process in place to support us on that. Your journey during this week will be held and supported by the hosting organisation, to the best of their capabilities.

During this time we could also have online calls from outside of Ahimsagram with Licensed Holacracy Coaches who have had experience doing practice and training Holacracy, or those deeply engaged with Nonviolent Communication and/or Restorative Circles.

You can see some images of activities that can happen at Ahimsagram during the immersion week at

Stretching Your Muscles for Self Organising: 
Dancing with Chaos and Complexity: Be prepared to be thrown into chaos and complexity and yet enjoy the processes that will dynamically transform them into solutions that help us evolve the organisation, which can again lead to a new and higher level of complexity and the processes continue as a cycle and the journey goes on… Sometimes things work as we wish them to while at other times, there is a mess and it may seem scary and pull us out of our comfort zone. In our highs and lows, which we all experience in our organisations/businesses, each one has access to tools and processes to navigate our minutest tensions experienced by them in any role at any time. In fact Holacracy is less a system of running an organisation but of providing pathways for processing tensions which are alive for all. These pathways help create the needed policies, roles, accountabilities and systems while clearly and concisely processing the challenges, thereby creating a dynamic evolutionary design system, which create processes while the work is getting done.

A Space for Co-Learning with You: 
Ahimsagram is a living laboratory for understanding and developing collaborative governance systems, especially with Holacracy. We will share stories of celebrations and challenges for the last few years from our personal and organisational journey and would also like to hear your insights from your practice too and we all will benefit from such peer to peer sharing. While being with us, you get inspired to bring Holacracy in your enterprise, We can also guide you toward organisations like ‘Holacracy One’ and other licensees of Holacracy in India and other countries who can support and train you in bringing Holacracy to your organisation in a structured manner.

Your time at the Ahimsagram Experience Week will be a no-holds-barred, full immersion into a self-organised system for businesses and organisations.

-Get support to Articulate and define your personal and organisational purpose.
-Understand the shadows in your organisation, belief systems and patterns which come in the way of creating connection, transparent processes and effective delivery.
-Give and receive feedback openly and with care in difficult situations.
-Also restorative ways to deal with conflicts, without right and wrong but by understanding the motivations behind the actions.
-Sustainable food growing practices, especially in a city home and preparing food that is most acceptable and customises to the design of our body.

The Ahimsagram Team: 
Right now there are three people at the Ahimsagram team who will be holding the space for this program.

Shammi Nanda, has been the founder of Ahimsagram and has been working on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) for more than six years and for the last two years engaged with Holacracy. He has also done a Holacracy Practitioner and Coach training with Holacracy One, which supports him in bringing the processes at Ahimsagram with effectiveness. He has been part of various sustainability movements and communities and is motivated to bring in more equivalent and collaborative processes in such spaces. He has also been consulting business organisations in collaborative processes and would like to see a world where there are no managers and each person self organises to meet the purpose of the organisation. To know more about his work see his blog. To see the roles filled by Shammi at Ahimsagram go to

Vishal Batra, Walked out or regular schooling and has been carving his own learning journey. He could not align with the idea of school as autonomy and creativity was too dear to him. He is excited about the pathways and voices that Holacracy offers and is practicing it here at Ahimsagram. He is also inspired by the beauty of music and is also spending time while creating music with his flute. To see his roles at ahimsagram go to

Ankita Singh, is an engineer by qualification and is also inspired by Nonviolent Communication(NVC) and that is what attracted her to come to Ahimsagram. She is seeing the value of processes and practices, which create collaborations. To see her roles at ahimsagram go to

Seat Availability: 
The seats in the program are limited to maximum of seven participants.

Food and Stay at the Program:
Ahimsagram space has three bedrooms and access to one more, a living and dining space, four washrooms, a rooftop garden, a running kitchen where we mostly cook with organic ingredients.

Participants are expected to make their own stay arrangements. If you need support, we can help you in looking for Hotels nearby, However we have few spaces for shared accommodation at ahimsagram space, which is offered at Rs 5,000 per person for staying at the time of program.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of the program and participants are expected to arrange their own dinner. They can have access to the Ahimsagram Kitchen to make their own food, and can organise cooking together with other willing participants and team members. Like any thing that happens during the week and generally at Ahimsagram, it will be co-organised by our holacratic governance system and you as the program participants, would be working on it with others if you want to stay here.

We will be mostly using organic ingredients, and also support dietary preferences of the participants as much as we can, please share them in the registration form. As an organisation, as we align to the values of nonviolence we do not provide animal foods with organisational funds, however, if you want to have it, you are welcome to organise it yourself and use the kitchen to cook it there.

Language for the Program: 
The Ability to understand English is necessary for being part of this program. We might announce such programs for Hindi speakers if we get enough requests for that. If you are a hindi speaker and want to attend this/such program please write to us.

The fee for the five day program will be in three slabs.

1. For Corporates and Businesses(Including consultants working for Business) – Rs 38,000
2. For NGOs and Nonprofits – Rs.28,000
3. For members of Social Change Movements, Eco Communities and Eco-villages – Rs18,000.

Early bird discount of 10 percent if you register and pay before Feruary 15, 2019. You could also be requested to share documents corresponding to your category.

For those who find it challenging to pay this fee we would still want them to have the benefits of learning by immersing at Ahimsagram and therefore offer long term internships where you can contribute with your skills and efforts at Aimsagram while paying a nominal contribution for your food and stay. If you wish to know more about it please write to with the subject line ‘Internships’.

Refund Policy: 
Ahimsagram initiates the full refund in case of program cancellation before it begins due to some reason by Ahimsagram.

If you should have to cancel your registration, notification in writing should be sent to Please make sure you state the name of the program in the subject line of your email.

A refund of 75% will be given for cancellation received 30 days prior to the start of the event
If you cancel it one week before, you can get 50% refund.cancellation received 7 days prior to the start of the event
A refund of 25% will be given for cancellation received less than 7 days prior to the start of the event

For Registrations go the form go to

Your registrations will be confirmed after you have deposited your fee for the program.
Registrations are only confirmed once the program fee has been received.

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