At AhimsaGram, food is a medium to bond, connect, talk, mediate, empathize and resolve. It can be one of the first and the biggest steps towards building a harmonious society.

Of course, food is our basic sustenance next only to the air we breathe and the water we drink. Yet, in our cities, we are far removed from our sources of food. Being conscious of our food is the need of the hour.

In our kitchen, we learn to cook healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. The intent is to make informed, thoughtful and responsible choices for us and our environment, and for the long-term health of our future generations.

While cooking nutritious food, we also understand and ponder over the relation between the food, land and food growers – the farmers, the nutritional value of food and emphasize on organic, locally produced foods. When we cook, we ensure that our cooking process retains the nutritive value of food, and also does not put unnecessary burden on our digestive systems and environment.

We can undertake workshops to teach nutritious and tasty food.