Ahimsagram, wants to express it’s gratitude and acknowledge all those who have supported in the co-creation of Ahimsagram in various ways in the past or present. They could have contributed by working at Ahimsagram, by financial contribution, given ideas, encouraging and inspiring the team, volunteering, interning, hosting our team members, organising workshops and events with us, or any other way that enriched the life of Ahimsagram.
It is also a place to acknowledge the diverse contributions which have created Ahimsagram and also to acknowledge how Ahimsagram has contributed to and enriched the lives of the members of this group.
We have also created a Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ahimsagramcommunity/) to facilitate requests from this community to Ahimsagram and also requests from Ahimsagram organisation to the community members, to create and foster the spirit of mutuality. This will be an autonomous group and is in no way controlled by Ahimsagram as an organisation. Its also a place to have mutual support between the co-creators and supporters.

We also have a restorative system in place at Ahimsagram inspired by www.restorativecircles.org and and any one in the group having a tension or a conflict with some one else in this group can bring it to the larger community for support for holding space for their conflict transformation. If you want a circle you can write to ahimsagram@gmail.com and our facilitators will connect to you. The group of co-creators need to organise themselves so they can make recommendations to Ahimsagram business and engage with them on behalf of the community but do not have any control over its functioning. It can surely try to create mutually acceptable agreements. You can surely share your ideas individually to us at ahimsagram@gmail.com.

Ahimsagram is a social enterprise for now and registered as a proprietorship firm by Shammi Nanda who is serving as its steward and at the same time the business is motivated to serve its purpose of individual empowerment with collective abundance.

Some of our co-creators are:

  • Sangeetha Sriram – Is always excited to hear stories about what we are doing, what are our challenges, what innovations are we doing to deal with them. Her journey and explorations are an inspiration for us and we also hope that one day she would visit us.
  • Avinash
  • Stephanie Child
  • Sanjeevani Pandit
  • Shaifali
  • Osama
  • Anita Dagar
  • Devyani
  • Avinash
  • Deepti
  • Trudy
  • Sion
  • Hema
  • Vasu
  • Aparna
  • Yash
  • Arvind
  • Lyla
  • Harsh Wardhan
  • John Buck (Sociocracy Consulting Group)
  • And a few more…

AhimsaGram will support and be supported by people in the immediate neighborhood and the larger community in the city. It will collaborate and support people in other areas, cities and countries towards their goals using the skill sets developed/supported by this space.