Gratitude to Sociocracy and Transition to Holacracy!

I was exposed to Socoicracy while working as a member of the team organising the NVC India Conventions around five to sx years ago, in 2013 . I found it exciting to  experience a system which makes space for every one’s voice to be heard while working as an organisation. I got deeper into it and organised workshops with  James Priest and then with John Buck. Consent was much better than a control and command system. 

I wanted to learn and practice more of it and was struggling to find an organisation which practices it so I can have experiential learning. Not having found any space I decided to create a space. So I decided to create Ahimsagram where those who want to learn NVC can come and join me and we run our home space and the organisation with Socioracy and get to practice it. 

We worked on it for around one and a half year, which had lot of ups and downs, celebrations and challenges. I learnt a lot from this journey and yet didnt found it enough to run the organisation effectively. The way we practiced it or the way its designed, we ended up becoming a consensus organisation. This way, there was lack of authority as a result there was at times lot of confusion. Besides, we didnt have an agreed constitution to follow and a software where we could store all our governance structure and some thing which also helps us use it to create modifications in the governance structure. 

I am grateful to all those who took me close to Sociocracy as it helped me look at control and command systems with greater clarity and a desire to create some thing news which can take care of the challenges of a control and command system. More so I was looking for a system where people can work for a purpose with their individual creativity and inter dependance with others. 

In this time of working with Sociocracy, Ahimsagram also organised many workshops all over the country and we travelled to Goa, Kerala, Udaipur, Delhi and many other places to do Sociocracy workshops. In the process I met many of those who were also wanting to create systems. 

After working on Sociocracy, I came across Holacracy at the Giftival, that I attended in Brazil around two years ago. I was introduced to it by Chantal, who took lot of effort to support us and then I cam across Ali and Arif of Calm Achievers, who also guided Ahimsagram in the Holacracy Implementation. I also enjoyed the support of Mr N K Chaudhary of Jaipur Rugs, an avid enthusiast of self management who offered me a loan to go to do a practitioner training and then a coach training with Brian Robertson. 

Even when we began to use holacracy it was not easy as we are changing the design of how society is organised, it creates many difficult situations. Also as we were learning, some times these situations became painful but I found it worth to take the pain as we were almost discovering if humans can collaborate with transparency and effectiveness. 

I also took a two month journey to US, which I named as a ‘Holacracy Pilgrimage’ where I visited many other organisations which were using holacracy as I wanted to see if it really works and I found many such businesses and non profits doing amazing work with ease and effectiveness using Holacracy. 

We have been working with Holacracy and its been inspiring journey till now and I still want to go deeper into it and also intend to be a learning center for such practices. Now We are taking a slight shift and want to get into more food businesses which are organic and regenerative for the planet and human soul, while governing ourselves with Holacracy. 

If any one wants to join our journey you are welcome to contact us and we can find ways for integrating your support too. 

Here is an interview with John Buck by Shammi Nanda: which gives a sense of Sociocracy and how some people are using it to create a spirit of co-creation.