Sociocracy Workshop in Goa

Sociocracy is a system of governance which blends inclusion and efficiency in its way of functioning. It allows an organisation to work on principles of consent where each individual’s wisdom is incorporated in the running of the organisation.

Around the world, people in communities, organizations, corporations, and political parties are looking for:

  1. A spirit of co-creation, co-responsibility and collective ownership of decision-making
  2. Efficient and meaningful ways to make collaborative decisions
  3. Communication and integration between different parts of organizations and communities
  4. Full transparency with safety and trust among team members.

Sociocracy is a design system that makes these goals achievable.

Its dynamic governance principles involve everyone in the organization’s decision-making processes; their voices matter equally. It is inspired by the Quakers, Cybernetics and nature’s way of operating.

At AhimsaGram, we live sociocracy and it is a living laboratory for it. Our policy decisions and our day-to-day functions and operations of each domain are done based on sociocratic principles and structures. This allows us to harness the power of consent-based decision making and “objections” are seen as ways of discovering our blind spots.

Here is an interview with John Buck by Shammi Nanda: